The heart of our mission is to help lead children with learning disabilities and or behavioral issues into a successful and bright future. We believe that by changing the way we help those children in need, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Often those children in need are left behind, lagging and failing, or treated as special ‘others.’ But we believe that it’s important to help children in their local familiar environment instead of somewhere else. Supporting their needs and raising them in their local communities so they can be an example of hope to their communities.

1901 Collage


Back in 2009, the chairman of RHIZA SURINAME joined as volunteer in the social/behavioral health care system. She joined ‘Project SIR’ (Steuntje in de Rug) for school children in the district of Commewijne. SIR was an initiative of SUCET (Suriname Center for Education and Training) and was financed by SKN (Stichting Kinderpostzegel Nederland). This volunteer-work left a mark on her soul. She experienced firsthand the reality that children with learning disabilities were promoted in school to the next class even while their knowledge was not sufficient.


Together we can make a difference

No matter who you are, you can do something to partner with us as we provide spiritual inspiration, mentoring, and resources to children in need.